New in The Netherlands.
Stern Mobile.

Stern Mobile is new in The Netherlands. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the telecom provider that dares to do things differently by always putting you first.


Everyone is unique and everyday is different. For example, tomorrow your data usage may be twice as high as today. Or tomorrow you may not need to make as many calls. At Stern Mobile we are always as flexible as you are.


As a brand new provider in The Netherlands, we needed to figure out what we could do better. That's why we have a very fast network. Superfast. Plus, you can change your subscription in a jiffy. If you need to talk to a real person because you have difficult questions, we're there. We are as flexible as you are.


At Stern Mobile we like to make things easy for you. You can use our great mobile app to manage your account. You won't get any surprise bills afterwards. Plus, we offer you the service you expect from a premium provider. No complicated stuff, we're here to make things better for you.


Another thing: costs. At Stern Mobile, you're in control. And you stay in control as long as you're a customer. This way, you always have maximum grasp on your usage and costs. You can change your subscription at any time depending on your needs. We're happy to help you decide, but you're in charge.


Choose a provider that dares to do things differently. Easier. Faster. And best of all, more flexible. You get more cost control and more options to change your subscription. So choose Stern Mobile. Choose a provider that is as flexible as you are.

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